new meadow


This meadow is on historic farmland complete with a tall field stone wall -  the perfect backdrop.   The area had been taken over by bittersweet, grapevines, blackberries, some overgrown dying trees and a lawn.    Woody material was manually pulled.  Lawn grass was covered with tarps to kill it.   The meadow was planted with mix of  seeds, plugs and divisions of plants.  (Some plants came in on their own too.) The first year was mostly black-eyed susans and evening primroses loved by goldfinches.   Last year, the second, there were more blooms and this year promises yet more diversity.

This year we will be cutting to contain woody plants and make sure the stone wall is visible even during summer.

plant palette

In the wetter areas the meadow sports monkey flower, iron weed, obedient plant, and touch-me-nots.   Drier area plants include: evening primrose, goldenrod, fleabane (which is so much prettier than its name), yarrow and blue vervain.