battery operated clippers

These battery operated pruning clippers area a game changer.   Not only are they strong enough to cut through a 2" branch like it was butter, because of their size you can get into spots that you otherwise never could.   Great for trimming out the old stems of hydrangeas or pruning unwanted branches neatly, and cclosely.   You can also buy them with an extension pole (not adjustable but still pretty darned cool.)

get them at:  Tovia 

goat skin gaunlet gloves

These well worn beauties have seen me through at least three seasons.   You can work all pulling barberry or pruning roses and not feel a single pain,   The long length means I do not worry about poison ivy on my wrists.   As I look at them here I realize I should throw them in washing machine.   They will come out clean but I do need to put them on when they are damp so they will fit properly.

get them at:  Womenswork  a woman owned business where you will also find lighter weight and cloth gloves

dutch hoe

This is not a product of the. red light districts of Amsterdam.   It is a perfect how for keeping larger areas free of weed seedlings.   Most hoes, the ones with the blade that is perpendicular to the ground, require you to pull the dirt and roots toward you.   This one pushes just under the surface to cut the roots off.   I use once a month or so during the growing season it to maintain the sand paths around my rain garden.   

get it at: Garden tool company  (This is not exactly the same as the one I have but it should do the trick.   Try and get one with a stainless cutting blade so it stays sharp but does not rust,)

japanese weeding sickle

This is a great, sharp, tool for weeding, dividing small perennials and planting.   The points of the sickle are very fine and able to cut out small weeds from a larger plant like no other tool that I know.   Its also nice that this is not an expensive tool.

get it at:  Amazon

hori-hori knife

A knife is a handy for loosening the earth, cutting through roots and, my favorite, planting bulbs.   This one has depth measurements which is useful when digging.   A leather sheath is not absolutely necessary but it keeps the knife cleaner and prevents you from cutting yourself when digging into your gardening bag

get it at: nisaku tools.   which has a range of price points though not this exact knife.

spear head spade

Oh, this spade makes all the difference to me when digging.  The sharp point makes it much easier to go deep and the long handle, which you cannot see, gives me the leverage to break up roots and lift soil.   The flanges at the top of the blade are strong enough to jump on if you really are stuck with tough roots.

get it at: spear head spade  This is the site of the 85 year old inventor with artificial knees and hips that still wanted to garden.  There are knock offs but I really want to support him and his family.


This tool almost makes removing invasive bushes fun.   The "jaws" hook around the base of a shrub or small tree and when you pull on the five foot long steel handle the plant is pried out of the ground.   Its pretty amazing.   The tool is not at all cheap but it is a good investment for land trust and others who are combatting large areas of woody plants.   If you are a client and only need it for a few days contact me and we can see about you borrowing it,

get it at: pullerbear   They will even weld  your name on the handle.   Note that that there are a variety of sizes available.